Darrell Mankin is a freelance photographer from western Kentucky. He lives in Owensboro with his wife Rhonda and their three girls; Astrud, Margot, and Esme.

Before moving to western Kentucky he has lived mainly in southern Illinois, San Francisco, CA and throughout the bay area. He has also lived in Hawaii, Japan, and the Philippines.

He joined the Navy back in 1987 when he was living in San Diego. He claims he saw an ad that read: “Navy – it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure” and decided that that was his calling.

He attended Lithography school in Virginia and learned commercial printing and photography (mostly darkroom stuff). He has worked in Public Affairs as editor and photojournalist and was in graphic design.  Along the way, he also picked up some knowledge in web design and have designed all of his websites (at least he manipulated all the codes).

At one time in his life he was an avid surfer and slacker. Then he met his wife and she changed his life. Now, he only surfs the internet.

Recently, he has been seen playing Barbie dolls with his daughters and doing the funky dance with them while listening to Gato Barbieri.